Traveller 114

About me

Welcome to my site


I am an amateur photographer based in Kent, England. I specialise in medium format analogue film photography, and I create original and desirable pieces of work. I strive for a dreamy vintage aesthetic in my photos, and I exploit the imperfections and vulnerability form using cheap plastic cameras and expired film.


If your looking for award-standard digital work, this is not the site for you....


My main body of work centres around the ocean and the lifestyles surrounding it, most favoured - surfing & beach culture.


I search for niche areas of interest and follies within the seaside and urban environments, and the people from those places bring all my work together and I have a equal passion for staged and candid portraiture.


My work is grouped into four simple galleries for you to browse: Ocean Lifestyle, Urban Jungle, The Good Life, People & Portraiture.


Please enjoy.